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Judul : Tattoo On Your Hand
Oleh : Delorians
Album : Single
Hits : 270,590x
Durasi : 3 menit
Size : 4.61 MB


It started like a fiction
We met when we were drunk
And you made fun of me for how I dance
And the shitty old band

Then you were holding my hand
Said baby need a friend
You took me to your place just to fix your
It started like a fictionYour broken heart

The next day you were gone
I′m a silly little boy
I haven't got the chance to say I love
That tattoo on your hand

I don′t even know your name
But maybe you're everything that I want
You're prolly halfway around the world
But baby oh you′re still in my head
I might just be a fool for you
Still hopin′ I could see you again
I hate that I still
Think of you
That little tattoo on your hand

Delorians-Tattoo On Your Hand

Delorians-Tattoo On Your Hand

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